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What Is PBN and How to Increase Your Site’s Visibility in Search Engines

Link mass indicates to search engines on the authority of the resource and remains an important ranking factor. But to search for suitable donors and to extract good, trust backlinks becomes more difficult: exchangers are overcrowded with low-quality sites, and outreach is time consuming. Technology PBN partially closes these problems, working for both オンライン カジノ and a flower store. Here’s how to use such tools.

What Is PBN and Why Do We Need It?

PBN (Private Blog Network) is a network of sites that are created to build link mass to promote the resource. Sites united in a network, technically optimized, filled with content, pumped links, and then from their pages put the backlinks to the project being promoted. Such networks in runet also called satellite sites and satellite sites.

The minimum number of sites in PBN is 3-4, but usually there are over 10. Satellite sites have common or related to the promoted project subject, there is at least minimal trust, they are independent of each other. As a rule, sites belong to one owner, but it isn’t advertised.

Links from PBN-sites transfer a huge weight, because the overall authority isn’t shared between third-party acceptors, and goes entirely to the main resource. This is a big advantage of using the satellite network before buying links on exchanges. The second advantage is that you get proven and reliable donors, which you control.

For What Projects PBN Is Suitable 

PBN is suitable for all projects, which are set up on a long-term perspective and use SEO to increase the positions of the site. It’s helpful for the following projects:

  • In niches with high competition. Own PBN is a significant competitive advantage over sites that build link mass in the usual way.
  • In topics prohibited for advertising in Google. Casino, dating, downloading pirated content – such sites are difficult to get links: webmasters often refuse to place, not wanting to ruin the reputation. But good SEO is necessary, because organic traffic is key for such resources.
  • Regional sites. Sometimes it’s difficult to find local trustworthy donors, and it’s important to get into the top of the local search.
  • PBN is also widely used in ecommerce: online stores quite quickly recoup the cost of its creation. In some niches, you can’t do without this link building method, and it will be a good solution in the fight for the top.

Why PBN Promotion Is Effective

The effectiveness of PBN is connected with the fact that links from satellite sites give more trust than links from exchangers. The owners get the full control over the link mass:

  • You can refer to any page, including the main ones.
  • Excluded spamming, unless, of course, the owner himself will not actively sell space on the pages.
  • Independence from outside webmasters – no risk that the link will be removed.
  • Opportunities for experimentation – in search of the best strategy, you can try different types of backlinks, adjust the frequency of their placement.

With PBN you can get “fat” links and quickly climb in search. With the right approach, the growth rate of site positions will increase by 2-3 times.

Are There Any Pitfalls and How to Avoid Trouble?

PBN effectively increases the visibility of the site in search engines, but there are risks. Google doesn’t like such manipulations. If search algorithms detect the network, you can get banned.

But this doesn’t mean that you should abandon the promising technology. You just need to act carefully, the search engine should not “guess” that the resources belong to the same owner and are somehow interconnected.

Here are the rules you can follow to build a secure PBN:

  • Place sites on different hosting sites. It’s allowed to make part of the network on one, provided that hosting is good and you were able to agree to place resources on different servers. It’s also undesirable to use the same card or payment system for payment.
  • Register domains in different names and different email or hide personal information in Whois. The first option is preferable, because the fact of concealment may cause search engine sensors to be suspicious.
  • Don’t register domains on the same day, make a pause at least 2-3 days. The longer to stretch this process in time, the better.
  • Avoid duplication. Develop a different design and structure, sets of widgets and logos. The content should be unique.
  • Include different addresses, phone numbers, email on the contact details page.
  • Don’t link sites with each other. Linking to increase authority seems like a promising idea, and indeed it used to be. But algorithms are getting smarter every year, and now such a network is sure to be discovered.
  • Don’t link from a promoted site to a PBN, that can also give you away.
  • Dilute PBN links with other backlinks. Don’t completely abandon outreach, crowd-marketing, and purchased links. The process of link growth should look natural.
  • Use PBN only for link building. The idea to monopolize the first page and squeeze the competition often ends in failure and affiliate filters.

In a word, “cover your tracks” and don’t tell anyone about your network, then you will not be in trouble. Many popular portals use PBN, but the owners do not tell anyone about it because they don’t want to discredit the network. If you do everything correctly, there will be no risk – you can get quality backlinks without attracting the attention of search engines.

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