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Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps of 2022

Video Editing is the only skill whose end never comes. Each time you edit videos, you learn new and different things. It’s the only field whose work is entirely different from others. Let me clear this by sharing one example.

Let’s say you’ve edited a video and rendered it by setting 1080p resolution. But when you edit another video, its pattern would be different. The animations, annotations, and effects would be different. So we can say it’s a complex skill, but learning this skill is worth your time.

To master this skill, you need suitable applications to edit your videos. Editing videos on low-quality applications is a waste of time because you can’t add sound effects, animations, and several other things. So it would be best if you had suitable applications. We are going to list those applications for you.

You’ve landed on our website, so we will not let you leave our website empty-handed. We will list the 5 best video editing apps of 2022. You can use these applications to edit your videos and produce them of the highest quality.

Each application we list will carry unlimited options like annotations, animations, noise cancellation, zoom-in, and zoom-out options. Plus, they are easy to use. So you don’t need to have high expertise in editing your videos on these applications. So be ready, and let’s reveal our list.

Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps of 2022

These 5 applications are best for editing your videos on every quality you think. Don’t underestimate the power of these applications because every app has the potential to fulfill your needs. Meanwhile, every app has a different usage strategy, so you need to pick one application and expertise. Then you’ll be able to record, edit and produce videos of any quality you like.

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush
  2. KineMaster Pro
  3. Quik
  4. FilmoraGo
  5. LumaFusion

These 5 applications are the best ones to edit your videos. Adobe Premiere Rush and KineMaster Pro are the best ones on this list. That’s why I’ve ranked them in the top 2 spots. If you want Adobe Premiere Rush, you can visit its official website, but if you want to download and use KineMaster Pro, get it here. This page leads to a trusted source for getting KineMaster Pro.

Adobe Premiere Rush

I’ve seen numerous video editors using Adobe Premiere Pro, but newbies complain that Adobe Premiere Pro is difficult to use. To get rid of this irritation, Adobe has added a new option. People who don’t feel comfortable using Adobe Premiere Pro can use this Rush version to edit and produce their videos. This Adobe Premiere Rush isn’t limited to one platform. You wanted this application because you want to edit videos on your Smartphone, but Adobe has given the option to use it on Windows, macOS, and iOS.

It’s the best replacement for Adobe Premiere Pro because it’s easy to use, and its developer is also the same. The best part about this app is automation. People upload small clips on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. So when you import your video into this app, your video size reduces, and Adobe Premiere Rush automatically selects the best part and makes your video ready for upload.

This all process is completed in just one click. You can further add effects and several other things on your Smartphone. People complain of having limited features on Android Apps, but Adobe Premiere Rush has exclusive features. Whether you edit videos on a Desktop or Smartphone, you’ll get full options on every side.

KineMaster Pro

KineMaster Pro is an ancient app whose usage is effortless. If you want to select the best app for your Smartphone or Apple Phone, then KineMaster Pro should be your next install. It’s the best app carrying plenty of features.

KineMaster Pro’s features are countless, but users love it because of its easy usage. Newbies entering the video editing field can use KineMaster Pro to learn the skills they seek quickly. KineMaster Pro has user-friendly navigation that is easy to understand. You don’t see a low-quality interface that is loaded with useless icons. You get suitable icons on the front to make the best video.

KineMaster Pro doesn’t allow you to stick with its inside features. You can do that if you want to add your personal effects, audios, and annotations because it has 2500+ downloadable items, including audios, videos, backgrounds, animations, and transitions. That’s the best feature editors love and want to benefit from it.

Editing everything is possible because of the KineMaster Pro’s blending mode. This model is available in several other apps. You can select the area where editing is required. The blend mode allows you to find the place and perform every single edit on that area. That’s what users love, and KineMaster Pro’s feature has made many users his fan.


Quik is the 3rd app on our list, packed with automatic features. Editing videos on Quik is effortless because of its mechanical working. Quik has facilitated the new users by automatically adding animations, audio, and effects.

People who only upload videos on social media platforms can quickly use Quik to edit their videos. They can upload their videos in less than no time because of the automatic addition of effects. These are the benefits users get when they use Quik. If you only want to upload your videos on social media, then Quik is the best app for that work because it saves your time. You can complete your other stuff because editing doesn’t take time on Quik.

These are some automatic features of Quik that can save your time, but editing videos manually is also possible. Quik has given you countless options to create stunning videos of your choice. Its navigation is filled with gorgeous effects, music, and background stuff users prefer to upload in their videos.

When we see its basic features, we get an option to upload 75 photos and videos from your Smartphone’s gallery, cloud storage, and GoPro Plus. Quik’s integration with GoPro Plus directly chooses to import your photos. Using another platform can cost you time because you’ve to drag that photo into your Smartphone’s gallery, but using GoPro Plus is beneficial and time-saving.

Quik has also offered 100+ free songs for background usage. Users can use that background music to watch his video more. When a user loves the background music, he sticks to that video. When he sticks to that video, he sees the entire content. When he notices something unique, he becomes your fan.


Filmora is the 4th app on our list, but seeing this app on the 4th spot can shock you a bit because Filmora is a popular video editing application. I know it is, but when we compare Filmora’s Desktop Version with Android, we get more minor features compared to Desktop Version.

The first feature I like about FilmoraGo is its multiple language support. FilmoraGo can be used by anyone who knows Arabic, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, and Spanish. Every person can use Filmora to edit his videos and produce them of the highest possible quality.

Its free version lacks features, but its PRO Version has endless numbers to show. That’s another reason I’ve listed this app on the 4th spot. You’ve to pay some money to get the benefits you receive in the previous apps for free. Overall, Filmora’s Desktop Version is fantastic, and numerous video editors use them to create stunning videos of any quality they want.

Luma Fusion

The last app on our list is Luma Fusion, and it’s only available on iOS, not Android. People using Apple devices must get a gift from our article. We didn’t want to disappoint Apple users. That’s why we listed this app that is the best for iOS.

Apple users also use social media networks, so why don’t we list an application for them? So Luma Fusion is the best alternative to Final Cut Pro. People who have used Final Cut Pro before will remember that app using this Luma Fusion.

Its primary feature is its easy navigation and unlimited audio, background, and video addition. You can import every audio and video file from your iPad. When you get this option, you can upload whatever you want. That’s the only feature users love and want Luma Fusion to be installed first for their video editing work.

Final Words

We’ve listed the 5 best apps for video editing in 2022. Using these apps can help you produce stunning videos of your choice. If you have questions about these applications, you can ask us in our website’s comments section.


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