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Luxury Jewelry Pieces That Will Enhance Your Personality

From big, bold pieces to small pieces, jewelry has always played a significant role in the life of women. Jewelry develops confidence and makes women courageous, stronger, and sexy. The bright, colorful gemstone jewelry is fun to wear to boost your style and spirit and to heal your weaknesses. From celebrities to ordinary people, most people wear gemstones to look beautiful and attain this jewelry’s benefits. Adding colorful popup pieces of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and many more will enrich the look of the person. Here is the list of some beautiful gemstones which women can wear and look gorgeous. So let us learn about them in detail.


Amethyst is the birthstone for the ones born in the month of February. This gemstone is loved by people worldwide for its beautiful color and the different kind of pleasure and satisfaction it gives. The Purple stone shows the impact of earth energy on individuals helping them while meditating. Wearing the Amethyst jewelry awakens the third eye chakra and the Crown Chakra within the weaver and with its vibration.

This jewelry gives a better and clear vision of life from a higher perspective. It dispels all the negative energies from the surroundings and brings positive into the life of waver. You can go to different parties by wearing amethyst rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and many more you will surely gain the attention of the audience.


Aquamarine is loved and appreciated by people around the world for its light blue color and hardness. Wearing aquamarine jewelry especially helps the ones who were born in the month of March or with the zodiac sign as Pieces and Aries. Moreover, it benefits the ones who are suppressed and introverts. This stone means seawater as Aqua plus marine represents the water of the sea in Latin.

Therefore, it was believed that this gemstone keeps the bad energies away. Aquamarine is one of the stones which can be found across the world, including the countries like Pakistan, Brazil, Myanmar, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Russia, North and South America China. The Mohs scale hardness of Aquamarine rates between 7.5 to 8, and this gemstone belongs to the Beryl mineral family.


Citrine is a bright shining gem that is French for lemon as the color of the stone ranges from juicy lemon yellow to bright Orange Brown. It has a clear radiant ranging from yellowish to brownish red color, rating 7 on the more scale hardness. It is one of the most popular and affordable gemstones and is easily available worldwide. Commonly it is sourced from Brazil, Bolivia, and several African countries.

Many people called it the stone of the mind as it is believed that placing this stone on an elder’s forehead would increase their physic power. Many businessmen keep the citrine in their cash boxes as they believe that it increases their earnings by encouraging wealth and health. Citrine jewelry brings new life and fresh beginnings and wards off negative energy. Wearing it for fashion purposes can also be a great idea as it looks great when it is worn with heavy dresses.

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