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Know Way For Maintenance of Wife in Pakistan by Courts

Maintenance of Wife in Pakistan by Courts: 

The matrimonial court can provide maintenance of wife in Pakistan and to appoint any person, including the mother, as the guardian of the property of the minors Legislation be enacted to do justice about the inheritance of orphans from the property of their grandparents. The Maintenance of Wife Law is very simple and almost in favor of wife. The procedure of Wife maintenance in Pakistan is very simple and easy. Some of the recommendations of this Commission were adopted, and as a result, the Muslim Family Law Ordinance, 1961, and the West Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1964, came into being By design. However, the enforcement of these laws was only a small first step in the direction recommended by the Commission.

Government of Pakistan:

The Government of Pakistan subsequently set up another Committee to report on the status of women. The Committee’s suggestions included the following Revision petitions arising from the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, which should lie to the district court rather than the Collector. The husband is made to pay dower and maintenance of wife in Pakistan as soon as the divorce is pronounced, failing which, he should be liable to the penalty. Maintenance of wife in Pakistan be provided beyond the period of iddat. Women’s property is given legal protection if it has not been transferred from them in a bona fide manner.


Further restrictions are placed on polygamy. The nikahnama includes a section disclosing the marital status of the bridegroom. Family Courts be made more efficient, exclusively try family matters, and that protracted litigation is reduced. Nine years after the Report of this Committee, another Commission was set up to report on the status of women in Pakistan Commission also made several new ones. Among these were: Apart from reiterating many of the prior recommendations, this alimony is given to the wife till she remarries maintenance of wife in Pakistan is deposited in the court within thirty days of the institution of the case and that if the husband defaulted, he should be imprisoned. While a number of these recommendations were reflected in legal instruments, only marginal advance in the important cause of women’s rights has occurred. Unfortunately, progress has been slow and labored.

Prejudicial to Women:

Consequently, family laws in Pakistan today remain prejudicial to women in case of maintenance to wife in Pakistan. ADV Nazia Ali is the Top and Leading Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for services of All kind of maintenance of wife issue. In the opinion of this Commission, one key reason for this limited progress is the inherent tension between the rhetoric surrounding our family laws and their reality. Thus, on the one hand, the unstated, and hence implicit, organizing metaphor of our country’s family laws is the concept of the husband as the provider.

Second Other Sonerio:

On the other hand, the law does nothing to ensure that the woman to whom he is married can feel securely provided. Abundant opportunity to walk away from their wives if they so choose. With this unilateral freedom available to the male, but not the female party to a marriage, a confident and healthy law gives an inter-dependent family unit that cannot be realized. If the law is so one-sided, women will, of necessity, be left dependent and vulnerable. At best, they might be forced to make compromises that they find unacceptable, and at worst, they might be compelled to face cruel treatment which, in a healthier system of laws, they ought to be protected against. This concern is a particularly significant one in our country, where women are not equal participants in the economic and socio-political life of the nation.

ADV Nazia Ali:

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