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5 Games With Incredible Graphics

If you want to relax after a long day at work, you can choose online  slots or browser games. But if you are looking for a more elaborate alternative, choose one of these games.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Hideo Kojima, the creator of MGS 5, repeatedly said that he is impressed with the attention to detail in Grand Theft Auto 5, and he can hardly beat Rockstar’s brainchild. But now everyone knows that he was being a prig.

If you’re too lazy to take a shower, you can stand in the rain – it’s also good for washing away blood and dirt. The legendary cardboard box that is traditionally used for camouflage in MGS, in the fifth part, gets wet and can fall apart.

If you have nowhere to hide the body of a stunned soldier, you can put him in bed. People around you will think that the soldier is just lying down for a nap.

If you throw a hand grenade at a group of enemies, one of them might try to cover the ammunition with his body and save his comrades. Just like in children’s books about war. If you kill or stun a soldier talking on the radio, then the interlocutor will suspect something is wrong and call for help.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

The first Mafia had astonishing attention to detail for a game released in the early 2000s. This game inspired casino software providers, and today slots like the Mafiosi or Mafia:Syndicate are available at Habanero games. This game also became popular offline and the number of fans exceeded millions of people.

All this made developers release the remake 18 years later, and it was just as impressive in this respect. The NPCs in the new Mafia react differently to bullet wounds. If you hit a virtual person in the leg, he will instantly begin to limp. Some enemies show the player the middle finger before they die. If you walk through a puddle of blood, your shoes will leave bloody footprints. The police will declare the player wanted if he is driving around in a stolen patrol car. If you run into an NPC from the acceleration, you can push him to the ground. In tunnels, the radio signal starts to go out. When it rains, characters look for shelter. 

Death Stranding

All parts of Metal Gear could boast a cool attention to detail, and this trademark meticulousness is inherited by Hideo Kojima’s new game, Death Stranding. When the protagonist Sam looks down from a height, the in-game camera starts swinging, simulating the effect of vertigo. Death Stranding boasts complex movement animations. Sam, for example, rests his hand on the slope as he walks along a high hill. 

If you stand still, after a while the hero will sit on the ground, and then fall asleep. The hero’s feet will begin to bleed if he walks around without shoes. Local raiders do not touch the player when he travels without any cargo. They are primarily interested in the packages, not the messenger himself. If you pee on the snow, it will melt. The direction and intensity of the wind affects how fast Sam moves.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is the most immersive VR game. Many objects can be put on your head, like a flower pot or a traffic cone. There’s a practical benefit to this: barnacles-alien creatures that hang from the ceiling and pull up their prey with their long tongues-will grab an improvised “hat” from Alix rather than the heroine herself. The liquid in the raised bottles behaves as believably as possible, right up to the fact that the light refracts in the water if you look through the bottle at the sun or a lamp. 

Breaking windows and other glass in Alyx is sheer fun. They crack realistically in the places where they hit. And you can break off large pieces of glass with your hand. In the game you can find a fully working piano and play any melody. Many of the objects are voiced for more believability. If you shake a half-full bottle, you can hear the sound of water splashing inside.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft’s virtual worlds are often blamed for being unnaturally static, but most of the studio’s recent games seem quite alive and believable thanks to the curious little things that catch your eye. 

In Valhalla, if you walk in snowy regions, the character’s shoes will gradually become covered in a layer of snow. When the character’s mouth is covered by a bandana, his voice sounds muffled during dialogues. The character automatically takes arrows that get stuck in his shield during combat into his inventory. Avor covers his mouth with his hand while swimming. Trees ripple in the wind, water puts out fire. For example, you can put out a lit arrow in the river. 

Sometimes you can find wolves caught in a trap while traveling. If you help the animal, the beast will accompany Avor for a while and even fight at his side. 

Now there is a change of generations of gaming platforms, we are probably waiting for a lot of games with even more impressive attention to detail. Just imagine how we will be surprised by GTA 6 made for more powerful consoles and computers. In other words we will definitely come back to this topic in the future.


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