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10 Non-Conventional Ways to Use Custom Neon Signs UK

The majority of businesses have utilized neon signs as the main focal element of their advertising. There are many reasons it is among the most sought-after materials for signboards for businesses. It’s not only attractive when you take a closer look at it. With this kind of product, your company can also draw people’s attention with the flick of a finger.

Neon signboards are eye-catching to the eye. You’ll be challenged to locate an organization that doesn’t be awed by the chance of getting the kind of signboard.

The reason businesses prefer signs for their establishments Regardless of the size of a company; it is likely to have the type of Custom neon signs UK in their premises or outside are incredibly high. Nearly every major city is home to some neon sign in their area. It’s easy to see why this is the case.

Here are a few reasons why people are using neon signs in their commercial establishments:

Long shelf life

The neon are extremely long life spans. This product will last for several years when you have correctly designed neon lighting. In contrast to conventional lighting fixtures, which last for a couple of months and neon lights are almost non-stopping.

Utility with low energy costs

This is because the interaction between gas and electricity creates the light produced by neon lights. With the use of neon lights, it is possible to achieve 70 percent or more savings in energy consumption.


In contrast to other light sources, you can be creative with neon and light sources. It can be used in various ways and isn’t only restricted to permanent signboards in establishments. Ten Creative Ideas to Utilize Neon Light Fixtures and Signs The neon light fixtures aren’t just limited to advertisements and signs for businesses. You will find endless ways to utilize this highly active material if you can think about it.

From decor for your home to art installations, Here are 10 unique ways to use neon lighting fixtures and signs:

Bathroom decor

It’s easy to think that using neon light fixtures for bathroom decor isn’t possible. However, contemporary homes are incorporating this decor style into their modern spaces. The bright blue light fixtures serve as a practical accent in bathrooms, providing people with the chance to experience a refreshing and unique feeling inside one of the home’s most intimate rooms.

Wall fixtures for the nursery

Can you bring adventure and fun to your child’s space by incorporating fun neon lights within their bedroom decor, writing the alphabet, or making intriguing characters? The only limit can be your imagination!

The white wall is accente with white highlights.

White on white was an obnoxious design blunder; However, modern styles gradually become more welcoming to bright wall designs. White neon lighting on white walls is set to become one of the most fashionable design trends in the coming years.

Quotes on walls

Are you looking for a new way to impress your visitors by using powerful words? The installation of neon lights and signs for wall art is a great way to brighten up dull walls.

Form outline

The neon can create outlines for design and add accents to your walls. It’s not only a great way to bring a splash of color to your walls. It also draws attention to the wall accent you choose to use.

One-of-a-kind spotlights

Another intriguing way to use neon signs is to use them as a light source in your home. Because this material is flexible and fluid. It can be shape in any manner you like. This can make for an intriguing decorative accent in any house.

Decorative art piece

Like the previous article, neon signage can be make into various shapes and patterns. It is possible to mold it to mimic human anatomy or create a random abstract design. Whatever you decide to start, your unique artwork will surely be unique to you.

Markers of location

Neon can be utilizee as markers of location on dimly lit areas. They can be use to mark the place you are in or indicate the direction you are heading. It is possible to create an array of different kinds of location market signs.

House numbers

Are you looking for a method to signify your house number as the sun sets? What better way to mark your house number than installing neon signs to act as house numbers?

House plans

You can utilize neon lighting or Neon Vibes UK lights for Christmas and other festive occasions to frame your home. It can also be using as an attractive decoration. Because neon lights are energy-efficient and energy-efficient, you won’t have to spend a fortune when you choose this extravagant and elegant home decor. So be creative with your neon Signs today! Enhance your living space by incorporating neon lights and signs. Explore our unconventional neon signs and see how they could change the look of your home!

The Return of Neon:

How This Old School Trend Made a Comeback

It’s been nearly 100 years before the first sign was imported into the U.S. from Paris, where the first neon sign was lit. Signs with neon lights became popular between 1920 to 1960. They were usually like to billboards are visible in the evening. They were typically employed to advertise casinos, bars, hotels, and other places of entertainment.

Nowadays, they are utilizing at restaurants and part of their indoor decors. A Short History of Neon Signals Neon signs was first invented in 1896 by French Engineer and inventor Georges Claude. Claude is the first to attach electricity to the tube filled with neon gas. This led to the creation of the first lamp made of neon.

First, a neon light was showcase in Paris around 1910. It was then brought to the United States by Georges Claud. His company in 1923 through the sale of 2 neon signposts to Packard. It quickly became a popular strategy to advertise on the streets. Referred to as the “liquid fire” back then. It extremely versatile. The tubes can be bent into words or shapes. There are endless possibilities with neon signs. appealing, vibrant, and vivid images could be made.

Neon signs

Neon signs can be effective as signage because of their attractiveness. They can be easily identified at night, with their bright lighting and vibrant colors. The fall of Neon Signs But the proliferation of that were poorly designed began to decline.

 Large corporations gradually retreated support, and neon shops emphasized production efficiency over quality designs. Maintenance of the existing affects by the recession. The emergence of cheaper plastic and LED signs on the market further aggravated the burden. The remaining, however, demonstrate how long-lasting they are. The lifespan of a neon tube is for 40 years before it’s time to require pumping again. Then, it’s suitable for another forty years.

All over the country, the old neon lights continue to shine on the nighttime streets and are thought of as American popular art. It is now returning to prominence. The return of an old American Folk Art Neon sign is returning with the latest retro style in advertising. The new low-energy neon transformers can also aid. The appearance and feel of neon signs are authentic and unique; something LED signs can’t duplicate. Neon signs are as secure as LED products if properly installed and only use high-quality transformers. Signs for restaurants that are neon are increasing in numbers. Modern neon restaurant signs transcend the simple block text of Open and Closed or Bar.

Inspirational phrases

They are now available in humorous or inspirational phrases, typically written using a hand-written typeface. Firstly intricately create signs are in restaurants with casual dining and upscale establishments. The warmth and nostalgia neon signs convey also give an impression that the establishment has been around for quite a long. Neon Signs and Social Media It turns out that neon signs appear more beautiful than other lights equivalents. In the age of Instagram, it is quite evident. The extent of establishments appealing to photographers is an important factor.

If a place has beautiful features that are great for photography, guests and patrons can easily share their experiences via social media with their friends and family. Your customers become instant social media marketers. A neon photo can notice in the hundreds of thousands of Instagram photos. It was enough to create awareness for the company’s name. Neon Signs across the nation From the posh New York to Las Vegas to various states, brand-new and renovated neon signs are splashing in hotels, businesses, and restaurants. Many are in love every time.

They aren’t only lighting up the streets. But also can be see in indoor areas. Neon signs’ future is vibrant and bright, and you don’t wish to see your business lost in the shuffle. There is no longer a time when neon signs were boring. The neon signs evoke a retro feel, and many establishments are now embracing the trend. Businesses are leveraging it in ways they could not have imagined before. Neon signifies excitement, nightlife, and action. Find Inspiration or walk through Memory Lane at Las Vegas’ Neon Museum. The most well-known neon signs might not be functioning, but they’re certainly not going away.

They are still in use. Neon Museum in Las Vegas is a resting spot for the vintage neon signs that were a beacon of light on the city’s skylines and streets of Las Vegas. “The “boneyard” displays the old neon signs that illuminate frontally at night but do not flicker, nor operate on power generators. Thanks to modern technological advancements, even the well-known neon signs display and illuminate using projection mapping.

This creates an enhanced real-time experience for visitors. Go to the museum’s North Gallery while the “Brilliant!” exhibit is still operating. Find a Neon Signage for Your Business. Neon artists are not content with treating the neon signs you have as signs but more of an art form.


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