Welcome to doors of America

Welcome to Doors of America –Garage Doors & Front Doors

This blog is created to showcase the creativity in the most used door of our house — the front door and the garage doors. credit repair

The front door is the first door we enter and the last door we leave as we enter into the world; go to work or set out on the day’s journey.

This blog will feature not only front doors but garage doors as well.

Come with us to see creative doors in American.

Garage Doors & Front Doors and more…

Furthermore, Piticsyle.com will look to engage our viewers with creativity of doors across America.  Metaphorically speaking, the door represents so many things from the first step out of your home to engage the rest of the world.  It is the passage way to work, home, vacations, quick errands, picking up children, hosting parties, celebrating holidays and so many more.  The door of our homes and the garage door are our place to begin our journey each day.

From the beginning of time people have needed doors to segment houses for privacy and community.  For status and for functionality.  Doors have always been a great divider among us.